SAP Business One license types

  Starter Package Edition Professional Package Edition
Description Ideal for small businesses with 1 to 5 users maximum. Unlimited access to employees where each user can have their own license type according to their requirement.
License Type Starter Package User Limited User Professional User
Access Can access the features needed in the service, and distribution in the retail industry. Includes the rights granted under a Mobile app User and Indirect Access User. Can access the key features for one of these roles: CRM, Financial or Logistic. Includes the rights granted to a Mobile app user and Indirect access user. Can access all modules. Includes the rights granted to a Limited user, Mobile app user and Indirect access user.
Restrictions Maximum number of users: 5 At least one professional license required None


SAP Business One Cloud subscription fee per user incl. Azure hosting fees*
License Only
38 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
45 €/month
for 12 months
then 55 €/month
License Only
47 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
55 € /month
for 12 months
then 65 €/month
License Only
91 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
105 € /month
for 12 months
then 115 €/month

PLAN B (One-Time Buy Plan)

SAP Business One perpetual license fee per user**
Additional discount possible
1140 €
1400 €
2700 €

* SAP Business One Cloud, hosted by a partner, available as a monthly subscription fee covering license usage rights and maintenance fees.

  • Minimum contract duration: 1 year
  • Hosted on SAP-certified Microsoft Azure HANA Server

** SAP Business One, perpetual license, a one-time fee excluding maintenance fees. This license includes usage rights that can be supplemented with maintenance. Maintenance is calculated at 19% of the contract value per year.

For more details on licenses, please refer to SAP license comparison charts

Implementation costs

Applicable for Package
1200 €
1900 €
2900 €
Management & Administration
Accounting and Financials
Sales and Service
Inventory & Logistics
Business Partners
Item Master Data
Customer Master Data
Supplier Master Data
Employee Master Data
Access to SAP Learning Hub
Ingold SAP Training materials
LinkedIn Premium -Video-SAP Business One-Online Course

(30 days free trial)

(30 days free trial)

(30 days free trial)

Personal training with Financial Accounting Expert

1 Hours

2 Hours

3 Hours

Import of Opening Balances (Customer, Supplier, Inventory, GL Accounts)
Go Live Support via Ingold Helpdesk Portal for the period of one month after Go Live and Handover.

3 Hours

6 Hours

10 Hours

SAP Business One Key Functionality

Management & Administration

  • User administration
  • Authorizations
  • Multiple currencies
  • Exchange rates
  • Multiple posting periods
  • Multi-branch
  • Data import
  • Opening balances
  • Approval processes
  • Calendar
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Mobile Interaction
  • Recurring transactions
  • Drop Ship
  • GDPR

Accounting & Financials

  • Chart of accounts
  • Journal entries
  • Posting templates
  • Recurring postings
  • Financial reports
  • Budget management
  • Cost accounting
  • Incoming payments
  • Outgoing payments
  • Payment run
  • Bank statement processing
  • Checks & credit cards
  • Deferred payments
  • Account reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets
  • SEPA

Purchasing & Operations

  • Purchase request
  • Purchase quotations
  • Web-enabled RFQ
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receipt POs
  • Goods returns
  • A/P Invoice
  • A/P Reserve Invoice
  • Down-payment Invoice
  • Down-payment request
  • Cancel Marketing Documents
  • A/P credit memos
  • Landed costs
  • Intrastat

Sales & Service

  • Opportunity and pipeline Mgmt.
  • CRM
  • Campaign Mgmt.
  • Blanket agreements
  • Quotations
  • Sales orders
  • Deliveries & Returns
  • Invoices
  • Dunning & Customer Mgmt.
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Service Mgmt.
  • Service planning
  • Customer interactions tracking
  • Equipment card handling
  • Service Dashboards
  • Service contracts
  • Human resource integration
  • Knowledge database
  • Service calendar
  • Service call processing

Inventory & Distribution

  • Item management
  • Item lists
  • Price lists
  • Goods receipts
  • Goods issues
  • Inventory transactions
  • Transfers
  • Serial number mgmt
  • Batch number mgmt.
  • Price lists in multiple currencies
  • Special prices
  • Period and volume discounts
  • Pick and pack
  • Recurring transactions
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Bin Location
  • Multiple Measurements
  • Inventory Counting

Production & MRP

  • Bills of material
  • Item Sets
  • Production orders
  • Goods issues
  • Goods receipts
  • Production Dashboards
  • GL Account Determination
  • Life Cycle Mgmt.
  • Item cost calculation
  • Forecasts
  • MRP
  • Make to order
  • Order recommendations
  • Production Routing

Project & Resource Management

  • Project management
  • Project stages
  • Stage dependencies
  • Sub-projects handling
  • Project Time Reporting
  • Internal project handling
  • Employee master data
  • Time sheet entries
  • Resource master data
  • Resource capacity planning
  • Gantt chart capacity viewing

Solution Customizing

  • User-defined fields creation
  • User-defined tables creation
  • User-define queries creation
  • SQL Query Generator
  • Form UI configurator
  • User-defined alerts
  • Transaction notifications
  • Workflow designer
  • Business process checklist
  • User defined Cockpit
  • User-defined workbench

Gain a Digital Edge with SAP Business One

Is SAP Business One too costly? Let's dispel this misconception. We'll show you that the costs associated with SAP Business One are not only transparent and predictable but also flexible. Our offerings include a variety of SAP Business One pricing and licensing models, tailored to meet your business needs. Moreover, our diverse implementation packages simplify the adoption process, allowing you to maintain control over your investments. Choose from a range of options and let us guide you to the best SAP Business One pricing solution.

SAP Business One License Cost

How much does SAP Business One cost?

Investing in SAP Business One involves three main cost components: license fees, maintenance fees, and implementation costs. These depend on your chosen license type (Starter Package, Professional, or Limited User License), operating model (Cloud or On-Premise), and specific business needs.

Our aim is to provide you with a clear cost estimate for the SAP Business One ERP solution, tailored for SMEs. Its adaptability makes SAP Business One a valuable and efficient investment, integrating seamlessly into your business model to enhance growth and operational efficiency.

Ingold Solutions, as an SAP Silver Partner, has been immensely successful in reducing the cost of SAP B1 implementation, operation and management. We offer costing to our customers (Small and Medium Enterprises / SME) for purchasing licenses according to their requirements.

The SAP Business One Pricing tiers include the two modules of license:

  • Starter Package Edition
  • Professional Edition

Streamlining Your Business Processes with SAP ERP Software: Implementation Costs and Approach

Implementing an ERP system like SAP Business One is a significant investment in your company's efficiency and future viability. As a comprehensive ERP solution, SAP is specifically designed to simplify business process complexity and enable seamless integration across various business areas.

Efficient SAP ERP Software Implementation:

Our methodology is based on years of experience and includes the following steps:

  • Detailed current and target analysis to identify specific needs.
  • Development of a prototype to demonstrate the solution.
  • Intensive training for independent system use and customization.
  • Comprehensive user training for a broad understanding of the software.
  • Automated data migration for a smooth transition.
  • Customized form design for tailored documents.
  • Support and care during the startup phase to ensure successful deployment.

Investment with Added Value:

SAP Business One, as part of SAP's ERP solutions, is not just an ERP system but a comprehensive platform developed specifically for the needs of modern businesses. The implementation costs represent an investment that quickly pays off through increased efficiency and optimized business processes.

Calculate the implementation costs of SAP Business One for your business online and by industry now, and discover how "ERP Software SAP" or "ERP System SAP" can transform your business. To the question "Is SAP an ERP system?" we not only say yes, but we also offer our expertise and support to make your project a success.

SAP Business One Implementation: Customized and Complexity-Aware

Each ERP project is unique, characterized by the number of users, the complexity of the project, and specific business requirements. A structured approach, accompanied by an experienced SAP partner, is the key to the success of your ERP implementation.

SAP Business One Operating Models: On-Premise vs. Cloud

When deciding between SAP Business One On-Premise and the flexible SAP Business One Cloud solution, various factors such as data security, control, cost structure, and operational flexibility play a critical role.

Advantages of SAP Business One On-Premise:

  • Meets strict internal data security regulations.
  • Allows direct data control and local customizations in reporting.
  • Supports extensive customization of business processes.
  • Utilizes existing IT infrastructure and resources optimally.
  • Offers perpetual SAP Business One On-Premise license costs with initial higher expenses but lower long-term operational costs.
  • Less dependency on internet connectivity.

Advantages of SAP Business One Cloud:

  • Simple, cost-effective setup and operation.
  • Secure, browser-based work from anywhere.
  • Always up-to-date with automatic updates provided by the SAP Service Cloud provider.
  • Flexibility in operational expenses through SAP Business One Cloud license costs and subscription licensing.

SAP Business One Cost Analysis: Cloud vs. On-Premise Decisions

Deciding whether SAP Business One Cloud or On-Premise suits your business needs involves evaluating various factors including data storage concerns, dependency on IT infrastructure, and administrative responsibilities.

Cloud Considerations:

  • SAP Business One Cloud minimizes reliance on physical hardware and IT resources. Automatic updates and maintenance decrease administrative tasks.
  • Ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective, scalable solutions with reduced upfront investments.
  • Enhances operational flexibility, allowing remote access and collaboration.

On-Premise Considerations:

  • SAP Business One On-Premise licenses offer a robust solution for businesses concerned about external data hosting.
  • Companies retain complete control over updates, maintenance, and data security, requiring a more significant in-house effort and infrastructure.
  • Suitable for businesses with specific compliance or data sovereignty requirements, providing more control but at a higher operational cost.

A comprehensive comparison between SAP Business One On-Premise and Cloud solutions empowers businesses to make an informed choice based on flexibility, cost, and control preferences.

Costs Initially higher investment for licensing, but with the advantage of lower ongoing expenses. Based on a subscription model with regular payments, creating a predictable cost structure.
Deployment On-Premise Solutions - Experience unparalleled command over your infrastructure with our on-premise installations. This option is ideal for businesses seeking to leverage their existing hardware for enhanced security and performance. With on-premise solutions, you retain full control over your data and systems, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and securely on your own terms. Cloud-Hosted Solutions - Embrace the freedom and flexibility of cloud technology with our externally hosted services. Accessible via the internet from any location, our cloud-hosted solutions offer the ultimate in convenience without sacrificing performance. Ideal for businesses looking for scalability and ease of access, our hosted solutions ensure that you can focus on what you do best, no matter where you are.
Hardware Tailored for businesses that prefer to utilize their own server and client hardware, our self-hosted solutions guarantee compatibility and peak performance. This option is designed for organizations looking to maintain high levels of control over their software environment, with a focus on security and customized performance. By leveraging your own infrastructure, you ensure that your operations are fine-tuned to your specific requirements. Perfect for businesses seeking simplicity and accessibility, our cloud-based solutions remove the complexity of managing infrastructure. With nothing more than a device connected to the Internet, you gain access to our robust platform, hosted and maintained by us. This approach offers the flexibility to scale your operations effortlessly, enabling you to adapt to changing business demands while focusing on core activities.
Maintenance For businesses preferring direct control, our self-managed updates allow you to maintain system security and efficiency on your own terms. This option suits companies with the capacity to handle updates internally, ensuring top-notch system performance. Choose our managed services for hassle-free operation, where we handle all updates and patches. This option guarantees your systems are always updated, secure, and running smoothly, freeing you to focus on your core business without the extra workload.
Scalability Expand your capabilities with ease through additional license purchases. This approach allows for strategic planning, ensuring your technology grows in tandem with your business needs. Adapt to the changing demands of your business with our flexible licensing options. Adjust your license count to fit your current operational requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Data security Keep your data physically within your premises for direct oversight and enhanced security, ideal for those prioritizing hands-on data control. Ingold Solutions is committed to upholding data protection standards, ensuring your information is safe from unauthorized access and meets regulatory requirements.

Implementation costs

The implementation of software must always be customer-specific. To give our customers an overview, we have created ready-made service packages for special target groups. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you and send you more information free of charge and without obligation.

Our experience shows that the ready-made implementation packages are very suitable for start-ups and small businesses. Here we can often use them without further adjustments. For medium-sized companies, we like to use the implementation packages and include additional features.

For some mid-sized companies, the requirements may be too complex, so that an implementation often takes place as part of an introduction project. It usually includes phases like requirements analysis, implementation, training, testing, go-live and documentation.

When setting up, we rely on the structured implementation methodology of SAP AIP (Accelerated Implementation Program).

Maintenance and operation

We distinguish between two different operating models of SAP Business One:


The cloud has become increasingly important in recent years. The clear advantage of the cloud lies in its availability. This means that cloud systems can be operated seamlessly from anywhere in the world with Internet access or even from home. The cloud avoids initial investments in hardware. In particular, by linking to Microsoft Office 365, we preferably deploy our SAP Business One systems in the Microsoft Azure HANA Server Certified by SAP. The certification confirms the existence of product features in accordance with SAP certification procedures. SAP only certifies successful integration of the product with SAP solutions.

All data is thus stored on a common platform and authentication procedures can be used together.

Local customer installation or on-premise

Companies in the manufacturing industry, where SAP Business One often needs to be connected to a PDA system, like to choose a local server installation on-site. With this approach, it is important to make sure that the selected hardware is released for an SAP Business One installation.

SAP Business One license models in practice

In most cases, the cloud installations are combined with monthly subscription licensing for SAP B1, so that initial investments in purchasing licenses and hardware can be completely avoided. The monthly subscription fees already include the maintenance fees and the use of the SAP-certified Azure HANA Server. Therefore, this solution is recommended for start-ups and small businesses.

Local installations (on premise), on the other hand, are usually acquired with purchase licenses.

Training Costs

Training the end users (customers) is one of the crucial stage of SAP Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP). Customers are provided with key training documents at this phase, so that they can carry out the daily processes with zero assistance.

However, we offer post installation service and additional support if required.

Ready to explore prices for your SAP Business One Implementation?
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