SAP Business One ERP Solutions
from Ingold Solutions

Tailored SAP Industry Solutions for Your Business

Ingold Solutions delivers SAP solutions specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies. Our systems support mobile inventory and parking space management, adaptable to any company size and industry through SAP Business One.

SAP Business One – Your Integrated Logistics Software

SAP Business One offers a complete logistics solution, including item management, handling of incoming and outgoing goods, and management of serial and batch numbers. Monitor all processes and inventories in your production and warehouse logistics.

SAP Logistics Solution – Efficiency and Clarity

Our SAP logistics solution provides full control and transparency. Enhance your logistical processes and increase your company's efficiency.

Contact Ingold Solutions to learn more about our SAP solutions and how we can assist you. We look forward to working with you to optimize your logistics.

SAP Business One license types

  Starter Package Edition Professional Package Edition
Description Ideal for small businesses with 1 to 5 users maximum. Unlimited access to employees where each user can have their own license type according to their requirement.
License Type Starter Package User Limited User Professional User
Access Can access the features needed in the service, and distribution in the retail industry. Includes the rights granted under a Mobile app User and Indirect Access User. Can access the key features for one of these roles: CRM, Financial or Logistic. Includes the rights granted to a Mobile app user and Indirect access user. Can access all modules. Includes the rights granted to a Limited user, Mobile app user and Indirect access user.
Restrictions Maximum number of users: 5 At least one professional license required None


SAP Business One Cloud subscription fee per user incl. Azure hosting fees*
License Only
38 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
45 €/month
for 12 months
then 55 €/month
License Only
47 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
55 € /month
for 12 months
then 65 €/month
License Only
91 €/Monat
License incl. Cloud Hosting*
105 € /month
for 12 months
then 115 €/month

PLAN B (One-Time Buy Plan)

SAP Business One perpetual license fee per user**
Additional discount possible
1140 €
1400 €
2700 €

* SAP Business One Cloud, hosted by a partner, available as a monthly subscription fee covering license usage rights and maintenance fees.

  • Minimum contract duration: 1 year
  • Hosted on SAP-certified Microsoft Azure HANA Server

** SAP Business One, perpetual license, a one-time fee excluding maintenance fees. This license includes usage rights that can be supplemented with maintenance. Maintenance is calculated at 19% of the contract value per year.

For more details on licenses, please refer to SAP license comparison charts

Implementation costs

Applicable for Package
1200 €
1900 €
2900 €
Management & Administration
Accounting and Financials
Sales and Service
Inventory & Logistics
Business Partners
Item Master Data
Customer Master Data
Supplier Master Data
Employee Master Data
Access to SAP Learning Hub
Ingold SAP Training materials
LinkedIn Premium -Video-SAP Business One-Online Course

(30 days free trial)

(30 days free trial)

(30 days free trial)

Personal training with Financial Accounting Expert

1 Hours

2 Hours

3 Hours

Import of Opening Balances (Customer, Supplier, Inventory, GL Accounts)
Go Live Support via Ingold Helpdesk Portal for the period of one month after Go Live and Handover.

3 Hours

6 Hours

10 Hours

Key Information about Ingold Solutions

Discover how our comprehensive solutions optimize your logistics:

Management of Multiple Warehouses

Efficiently manage various warehouse locations.

Inventory transactions

Seamless processing of all inventory movements.

Returns management

Systematic handling of customer returns.

Management of serial numbers and batches

Complete tracking of your products.

Transparent, real-time inventory monitoring

Always up-to-date overview of your inventory.

Item management

Comprehensive management of all item information.


Efficient execution and management of inventories.

Storage locations

Optimal use and organization of storage areas.


Integrated management of multiple warehouses within the network.

Period and quantity discounts

Flexible discount systems for price optimization.

Pick and pack

Efficient picking and packing of goods.

Price lists

Management of different pricing structures for different customer groups.

Parts lists

Detailed management of components and materials.

Goods Receipt

Precise recording of all incoming goods.

Recurring transactions

Automation of regular processes and orders.

Discover SAP Business One:
Your Fully Integrated Logistics Solution

Efficient ERP Solution for SMEs

SAP Business One provides a single software solution that seamlessly covers all logistical processes within your company. Eliminate the need for multiple isolated solutions and save both time and money.

Automated Logistics Processes

The integrated functions of SAP Business One enable efficient processing of customer orders and production processes—from creating picking lists to shipping, including delivery documents.

Conclusion: Everything from One Source

SAP Business One adapts to the specific needs of SMEs, offering all necessary functions for managing your logistics right from the start.

Contact Ingold Solutions to learn more about the benefits of our logistics software. Optimize your processes with a solution tailored to your business.

Compatibility with Mobile Scanner Devices

Leverage our dynamic warehousing and mobile solution integrated with SAP Business One to efficiently manage warehouse processes like goods receipt, picking, storage, and relocation using mobile scanner devices. The operation is uniform and intuitive, allowing for quick and wireless recording of inventories, quantity, and storage location information. Optimize your processes and save time and costs from the outset.

Warehouse Management Functions in
SAP Business One

SAP Business One enhances your warehouse management with comprehensive synchronization of inventory and goods receipts. Implement dynamic warehouse strategies and manage item and inventory levels, price lists, and special price agreements in near real-time. An overview of the main features:

Item Master Data

Manage and utilize across sales, production, and accounting systems.

Warehouse Properties

Adapt to specific requirements like temperature and weight.

Document and Transaction Processing

Support all areas from purchasing to production.

Inventory Transactions

Comprehensive management from goods receipt and dispatch to regular inventories.

Price Lists and Inventory Reports

Flexible price adjustments and up-to-date inventory reports at any time.

Storage Location Management and Barcode Allocation

Efficient organization and streamlined processes.

Enhance Efficiency and Optimize Warehouse Processes with SAP Business One

Benefits of the Integrated Logistics System from SAP Business One

Optimize your warehouse processes with SAP Business One's integrated logistics system and see how immediate access to goods movements on mobile devices significantly reduces travel times for your warehouse staff.

The SAP logistics system provides numerous advantages:

Enhanced Security
With up-to-date and centralized data.

Reduced Inventory and Downtime
Resulting in more efficient operations.

Higher Quality and Customer Satisfaction
By minimizing errors through consistent data.

Flexible Inventory Management
Supports traditional counting and faster, secure mobile scanning.

Automation and Transparency
Seamless and clear management of all warehouse processes.

Utilize the SAP logistics system from SAP Business One to enhance your warehousing efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

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