Ingold Solutions and Pyronova IS Deutschland GmbH Collaboration


Pyronova IS Deutschland GmbH, a provider of fire protection facilities for a diverse range of industries including automotive, logistics, data centres, wood industry, production, petrochemical, retail, and more, recently embarked on an ambitious project to implement SAP Business One. They partnered with Ingold Solutions, renowned for their expertise in SAP Business One implementations, to enhance their accounting systems and integrate advanced financial functionalities.

Customer Request

The primary requirement of Pyronova IS Deutschland GmbH was a seamless and precise configuration of their accounting system within SAP Business One. They needed a solution tailored to the unique demands of the German accounting standards. Additionally, Pyronova sought to develop a Multibanking API, aiming to elevate their financial operations to a new level of efficiency.

Reference Result

Ingold Solutions delivered outstanding results, demonstrating their proficiency and in-depth understanding of SAP Business One:

  • Customized Accounting System Configuration: Ingold Solutions provided a dedicated German accounting expert, ensuring that Pyronova's accounting system was set up with precision and in full compliance with German accounting practices. This tailored approach ensured that all financial operations were optimized for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Multibanking API Development: Ingold Solutions showcased their commitment to customization. Client wanted to seamlessly improve the Pyronova's accounting system. Knowing this, Ingold has developed a Multibanking API providing more streamlined and efficient banking processes.
  • Professionalism and Expertise: Throughout the project, Ingold Solutions maintained a high level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Their approach was centered on ensuring the success of the project, meeting all the specific requirements and expectations of Pyronova IS Deutschland GmbH.
  • Comprehensive Support and Exceptional Service: Ingold Solutions was highly commended for their comprehensive support throughout the implementation process. Their exceptional service, from initial consultation to final implementation, was a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction and project success.

Pyronova IS Deutschland GmbH highly recommends Ingold Solutions for their exceptional service and expertise in SAP Business One implementations. This collaboration is a prime example of how tailored solutions and expert integrations can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of a business.

Project Summary

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    Ingold Solutions GmbH

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    Accounting Setup implementation, Support, Multibanking Add-on, CKS.DMS Add-on

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    Accounting and Multibanking

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