MIP Consult GmbH


Ingold Solutions partnered with MIP Consult GmbH, a distinguished IT consultancy based in Berlin. MIP Consult GmbH specializes in IT solutions, data management, and offers expertise in areas like software development, application operation, and data protection.

Customer Request

MIP Consult GmbH sought a comprehensive SAP Business One solution tailored to their specific needs. They required a partner who could understand their unique requirements, configure the SAP database effectively, provide thorough training, and handle master data upload meticulously.

Reference Result

Working with Ingold Solutions proved to be an exceptional experience for MIP Consult GmbH. Ingold provided a premium, customized package demonstrating a deep understanding of MIP Consult GmbH's requirements. Key accomplishments included efficient SAP database configuration, comprehensive training programs, and precise master data uploading, ensuring a smooth transition. The implementation of a Multi-banking API further emphasized Ingold's expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions. MIP Consult GmbH commends Ingold for their professionalism, dedication, and invaluable ongoing support, highly recommending them for top-notch SAP solutions and outstanding service.

Project Summary

  • Happy Since


  • Supervised by

    Ingold Solutions GmbH

  • Status

    Implementation Completed

  • Services Used

    SAP Implementation with Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Banking (Multi-Banking), DMS and ELSTER Integration.

  • Focus Areas

    SAP Implementation with Standard features for Accounting, Sales, Purchase and ELSTER Integration. Additional features implemented through Multi-Bank and DMS Extensions.

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