Ingold Solutions and Bride Now Collaboration


Bride Now, a distinguished name in the European wedding industry known for its exquisite dresses and shoes, has been at the forefront of bridal fashion since 2009. In their pursuit of digital and operational excellence, Bride Now partnered with Ingold Solutions. This collaboration focused on leveraging the capabilities of Magento Open Source for their website, coupled with a comprehensive integration of SAP Business One. The goal was to streamline and enhance their online presence and back-end operations.

Customer Request

Bride Now sought to elevate their online storefront and improve operational efficiency. They required a solution that could blend their e-commerce platform with robust internal management systems. Key requirements included:

  • A reliable B2C online platform for an enhanced customer shopping experience.
  • Integration of Sales and Logistics add-ons to improve functionality for their sales and warehouse teams.
  • Detailed and actionable crystal and query reports for stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making and operational oversight.
  • Seamless integration of their e-commerce platform with SAP Business One using B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework for streamlined operations.

Reference Result

Ingold Solutions successfully delivered a comprehensive and tailored solution that transformed Bride Now's online and operational framework. The project's major achievements include:

  • Sales Add-on for Sales Users: Implementation of a custom sales add-on, designed to streamline the sales process, enhancing efficiency and user experience for the sales team.
  • Logistic Add-on for Warehouse Team: Optimisation of warehouse operations through a specialised logistic add-on. This tool significantly improved inventory management and order fulfilment processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Crystal and Query Reports: Development of an extensive range of crystal and query reports, providing crucial insights for stakeholders. These reports became vital tools for the sales and warehouse teams, aiding in strategic decision-making and operational management.
  • Integrated B2C Online Shop/Platform: Achievement of a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly B2C online shopping experience through the integration of SAP B1 and Magento, utilising B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework. This integration ensured a smooth and cohesive flow between online view and backend processes.

This partnership between Ingold Solutions and Bride Now is a testament to innovative e-commerce and business process integration solutions, setting a new benchmark in the digital landscape of the wedding industry.

Project Summary

  • Client

    Bride Now GmbH

  • Happy Since


  • Supervised by

    Ingold Solutions GmbH

  • Status


  • Services Used

    Magento Open Source for E-Commerce Website, SAP Business One Implementation, B1if 2.0 and Integration Framework

  • Focus Areas

    Sales Optimisation, Warehouse and Logistics Efficiency, Procurement and Purchasing Process, Enhanced Reporting and Analytics, Unified B2C Platform

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