AGYT and Ingold Solutions Partnership


AGYT, a leader in providing solutions for B2B cross-border payments, has recently partnered with Ingold Solutions to enhance their business processes and systems. This partnership focused on leveraging the capabilities of SAP Business One to streamline AGYT's operational framework and improve their overall business efficiency.

Customer Request

AGYT sought a seamless implementation of SAP Business One to address their specific requirements for an easy and effective ERP integration. Their goal was to simplify complex financial processes, particularly in the domain of cross-border B2B transactions. Additionally, AGYT was looking for comprehensive process training for their team to ensure optimal use of the new system and to enhance their operational capabilities.

Reference Result

Ingold Solutions delivered exemplary results, demonstrating their expertise in SAP Business One implementation:

  • Seamless ERP Implementation: Ingold Solutions successfully implemented SAP Business One at AGYT, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Customised Process Training: The team at Ingold Solutions provided tailored training sessions for AGYT's staff, focusing on the specific functionalities and processes relevant to their B2B cross-border payments business. This training significantly optimised AGYT's operational efficiency and enhanced their team's ability to manage complex financial transactions.
  • Operational Optimisation: Post-implementation, AGYT experienced a notable improvement in their business processes. The integration of SAP Business One streamlined their operations, making them more efficient and less prone to errors, especially in the intricate realm of international payments.

AGYT highly recommends Ingold Solutions for their professional service, deep understanding of ERP systems, and commitment to client success. The partnership between AGYT and Ingold Solutions stands as a testament to how strategic technological integration can transform business operations in the financial sector.

Project Summary

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    SAP Implementation with Accounting and ELSTER Reporting Interface

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    SAP Implementation and ELSTER

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